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Custom Clock Makeovers

Just a few examples of some of my recent vintage clock makeovers. For the very latest customer commissions please pop over to my Instagram page. This is where you’ll find the most up to date conversions and makeovers. I do my very best to retain the style of the clock and as many original parts as possible. Any unrepairable mechanical movements beyond repair are used in-house for spares or sold on eBay or ETSY for spares or repair. You will find a small collection of upcycled clocks for sale in my online store. Remember, if you don’t want to give the clock a full facelift / makeover I also offer a discrete clockwork clock to battery movement conversion service or my basic quartz clock repair service.

New Life to Vintage Clocks

Many people have an heirloom clock handed down to them from generation to generation. Often it’s a precious keepsake that evokes happy memories of a day gone by. The problem is – often these clocks just don’t fit in with the styling of a modern contemporary home – that’s where I come in. Give Grandma’s clock a facelift, take Grandfather’s kitchen wall clock and revitalise it with a new movement and fresh coat of paint.

Vintage Clock Makeover to a cool Lavender

I loved working on this clock. The customer wanted the rear case-back left alone in it’s original unpainted patina. The clock was totally stripped back, sanded and cleaned ready for 3 coats of a lavender chalk satin spray paint. The original hands were re-worked to maintain the look and character of this lovely clock. The winder holes were filled with “faux” winders – I hate to see an empty HOLE where the old winders used to be. The result – lovely upcycled clock that would look lovely in any bedroom or sitting room. The new battery / quartz movement is very quiet – unlike to old, unreliable mechanical movement. Why not send me your vintage clock for a makeovercontact me for more information. Alternatively, if you just want me to convert your old clock to battery – that’s another popular service I offer.

Video of this lovely Upcycled Vintage Clock

More Examples of Clock Makeovers

Here’s just a few more of the wide variety of clocks I have given a makeover. The biggest change undertaken to date was taking the dial and pendulum from a vintage wall clock and installing it on to a beautiful piece of Olive wood. Whatever your plans – please get in touch and discuss your upcycling ideas with Tristan

Smith’s 8 Day Mantel Clock – Two Tone Makeover

A family heirloom given a mechanical service and a full two colour makeover. This lovely Smith’s 8 Day Mantel Clock dates back to the 1950’s. The customer sent it to me in a non-working state with no key or pendulum. The case was a dark wood – typical for that period. The customer chose the apple green and antique cream colours from a choice of over 25 available. The clock’s mechanical movement was cleaned, oiled and regulated. Another upcycled clock restored back to pride of place on the family mantel piece.

An example of a vintage clock given a modern retro paint makeover

When upcycling a clock – my aim is always to maintain as much of the original clock as possible. This clock has the original hour and minute hand, glass, bexel and dial. The dial and bezel all shows signs of age, but that’s what makes each and every clock unique. Remember you can send me your clock for a makeover – price on application – you can choose up to two colours.

Smiths Sectric Clock given Retro Makeover

These two Smiths Sectric (main electric) clocks from the 1950’s have been converted to AA battery and given a fresh makeover. The grey clock maintains it’s original hands with the addition of a new second hand. I also managed to keep the original clock dial and bezel. The cream clock had to be fitted with NEW hands but maintains the original clock glass, chapter ring and bezel.

Buy your own AA Battery Clock Mechanisms

If you want to try it yourself – please pop over to our DIY Clock Conversion page with a range of AA Quartz Clock Movements – everything thing you need to either build or convert a clock. These battery clock kits are great for anyone interested in converting a mechanical clock to battery power or build their own design of quartz clock.

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