Examples of recent Upcycled Clocks

A variety of sizes, styles and colours. All these clocks have been converted to battery and given a retro / contemporary makeover

Just a few examples of some of my recent vintage clock makeovers. I do my very best to retain the style of the clock and as many original parts as possible. Any unrepairable mechanical movements beyond repair are used in-house for spares or sold on eBay or ETSY for spares or repair. As much as possible of every clock is UPCYCLED – anything left over is recycled or sold for spares or repair. Remember, if you don’t want to give the clock a makeover I also offer a discrete clockwork clock to battery movement conversion service here

Vintage clocks given a new lease of life

Vintage clock makeovers – contemporary colours – classic styling

A beautiful Smiths Art Deco clock upcycled & converted to quartz

Example of an art deco mantle clock upcycled by ClocksUpcycled. Sky blue case with cream accent. Clock makeovers available now

Smith’s 8 Day Mantel Clock – two tone makeover

An example of a vintage clock given a modern retro paint makeover

Clock Makeover to a pastel yellow & grey

This clock has been repainted in pastel yellow and grey and converted to a battery operated movement
The inside of the clock showing the new quartz AA battery mechanism.

Smiths Sectric Clocks given retro makeover

Some more examples of vintage clocks given makeovers

An upcycled Napolean Hat clock

Raspberry Ripple (quartz upcycle)

An upcycled Smiths 8 day floating balance clock maintaining the original clockwork mechanism

Smiths Mantel Clock (mechanical)

An upcycled Art Deco style mantel clock given a see through Skeleton quartz AA battery movement

Smiths 8 Day (quartz upcycle)

Rear view of this Upcycled Clock showing the modern battery movement

Leaving the scars of time