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Quartz Clock Repairs

I offer a professionally Quartz Clock Repair service from just £30. I can repair any battery powered clock from small dressing table / bedroom clocks to medium mantel clocks and wall clocks. A lot of quartz clocks on the market are powered by cheap movements – they are good for a few years but then they often fail. The movements I use to repair these broken clocks are either Seiko or UTS – two reliable brands that can be trusted for years to come. This is a NATIONWIDE repair service – just pop the broken clock in the post and I’ll return it in 8-10 working days – full REPAIRED. I generally use Royal Mail TRACKED 24/48 but I can use Evri if the customer prefers that courier service. If you have a clock you’d like me to look at please either use the WhatsApp button (on mobile) or pop over to the contact us page

A Typical Quartz Clock Repair

The photos below illustrate the before and after photos of TWO Metamec Quartz Wall Clocks. Both clocks came from the same customer and his brief was simple – to replace the broken mechanisms with new Quartz movements while maintaining the originality of the clocks. That’s the tricky bit – re-using the original hands to maintain the authenticity of the clock. Spot the difference? We hope we can’t. More about this Metamec Clock Repair here.

More Examples of Repaired Quartz Clocks

All the photos below show quartz clocks I have recently repaired – or – converted to battery. The most important part of my repair process is keeping the ORIGINAL HANDS. There are many companies who simply “pop in” a new battery movement and find a pair of cheap Chinese hands that fit the dial. NOT ME. I re-work the clock’s original hands to fit the new movement. Even if this means fabricating some parts on the 3D printed. My job is to get your clock back to you looking EXACTLY as it did when you sent it to me.

No Value to others – Sentimental Value to YOU

Customers sometimes approach me a little nervously – embarrassed by the low monetary value of the clock they want repairing. PLEASE don’t be – I fully appreciate that some clocks have HUGE SENTIMENTAL VALUE and a £30-£40 repair is worth every penny. An example of this is this FUNKY Tour De France Clock bought by a customer over 35 years ago. It was a tricky repair with a modern pendulum drive unit – every part 100% different to the original – but we got there. That poor cyclist will hopefully be riding for another 30 years to come!

Funky Quartz Novelty Clock Repaired VIDEO

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