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Clock Conversion Service

Two examples of Vintage Clockwork Clocks after conversion to Quartz (Battery) Movements

Have you got a favourite vintage clock that has either stopped working or maybe you keep forgetting to wind it up? Or possibly your clockwork clock simply TICKS too LOUD. Let me convert your old mechanical (wind up) clock to a modern, reliable, quiet, battery (quartz) movement. This is my Clock Conversion Service available from just £70. The aim of these conversions is to add the convenience of a quartz mechanism while maintaining the clock’s patina, personality and external originality.

Whatever your problem I can help by converting your clockwork clock to a modern, quiet quartz movement – powered by a single AA battery. This service is available directly for an average charge of £70-£85 (including return postage). Let me convert your clockwork clock to a modern AA battery movement – no more winding and accurate time-keeping. Please note – whenever possible I retain the original hands – maintaining the character of your clock. I can also offer a similar process converting mains powered clocks to a quartz (battery) movement. If you are looking to have a Classic Car Dashboard Clock converted to quartz – please visit this page for more details. The photos below show customer examples of all THREE conversion services on offer at ClocksUpcycled.

Clockwork to Battery Conversion examples

Below are just a few of my most recent customer commissions. All these clocks have been sent to me with their original mechanical clockwork movement installed. I have removed the clockwork mechanism and replaced it with a modern, quiet, battery movement. I generally use a good quality UTS STEP movement (very quiet 1 tick per second) – but customers may request a more expensive Seiko SWEEP movement – almost SILENT. If you want more details on this service – please contact me today and send me a couple of photos of your clock.

Mantel Clocks Converted to AA Battery Movement

Clocks with Winchester Chime converted to Quartz

We’ve been asked many times over the last couple of years if a clock can still chime after conversion to a modern quartz movement. The answer was always NO. The reason was – there were some chiming movements out there but they were just too “tinny” and sounded well .. pretty horrid. Not anymore – these new Seiko movements with Winchester Chimes are very realistic – a lovely deep mellow sound that’s hard to decide if it’s “real” or not. More details on converting a Winchester Chime clock to battery here.

Can a Mains Powered Clock be Converted to Battery?

This is a question I am often asked : “Is it possible to convert a MAINS POWERED clock to a more convenient BATTERY movement?The answer is YES. In the same way I convert a clockwork clock – the old asynchronous mains powered unit is removed and replaced with a modern AA battery movement. If the hands are over a specific size I use a HIGH TORQUE movement. The main advantage of a battery powered clock over a mains powered clock is the convenience of being able to hang it wherever you want – no need for unsightly wires or the need of a socket. The price of this service is the same – normally around £70-£80. Please contact me and send me a few photos to start the process. All the photos below are examples of clocks I have converted to Quartz (Battery) movement keeping the hands, dials, glass ALL ORIGINAL.

Converting Classic Car Dashboard Clocks to Battery

If you are looking to have a Classic Car Dashboard Clock converted to Quartz – please visit this page for more details. This is a more specialist service and the prices vary from £90 to £100 depending on the complexity of the conversion. The examples below show a variety of clocks removed from classic cars – all converted to LR1 carriage clock movements. In all cases – the original hands, dials and glass are retained. Most require the printing of some 3D bezels to add a little depth between the glass and the hands – something that is included in the price. The third clock below – the SMITHS clock – had, at the customer’s request, Swiss C3 LUME added to the hands to GLOW at night.

Other Clocks following Conversion to Battery Movement

The clocks below were all sent to me from various clients with one common aim. These customers loved their old clocks but wanted to have them by their bedside. Let’s face it, some of these old clocks tick tock is VERY LOUD. In each of these clocks I have fitted an almost silent modern AA battery quartz movement. The examples below all have their original hands, dial, glass etc. From the outside, they look the same – still the same old patina and much loved character.

Porcelain Smiths Wall Clock

To the untrained eye, this might look easy. Trust me – it’s not. I have NEVER worked on an old clock that has the same sized holes in the hands as the modern clock movements. They’re always either too big or too small. As I like to use the ORIGINAL hands I either have to use files, and sometimes the lathe, to INCREASE the size of the holes. Other times I have to make an adaptor to go on the back of the old hands to REDUCE the hole. In this case I also had to recruit the help of a ceramic drill to increase the central hole in the middle of the clock to accomodate the modern movement’s larger spindle. But it’s all worth it when I get an email back from the customer saying how happy they are with their NEW / OLD clock.

No more winding – quartz battery powered accuracy

I am a HUGE fan of clockwork clocks. That’s why I am a student at the British Horological Institute. Whenever possible I like to see old clockwork movements maintained and restored. However, that’s not always possible. Some people simply don’t like the sound of a ticking clock, some people want 100% accuracy (hard to get in clockwork movement). That’s why I offer this service. Rather than throw an old clock away send it to me for a conversion to AA battery power. I’ll send you the old clockwork movement back, or recycle it and break it down for spares. The modern quartz movements are quiet, accurate and only need a battery change every couple of years.

More example of Clocks converted to Battery power

Smiths 8 Day Mantel Clock

This Smiths 8 Day Mantel Clock was converted to a quartz movement and, at the same time, given a clock makeover. The original hands, dial, glass and bezel were all retained. The second hand is a modern replacement. This Smiths Mantel clock now runs from a single AA battery – giving accurate and quiet time throughout the day and night. This lovely old timepiece was given the full upcycled clock makeover service

Example of a clock given a case makeover and conversion to Quartz AA Battery mechanism
Westclox small Office Clock – an easy conversion

Just like the Smiths Mantel clock above, this Westclox office / mantel clock underwent a clockwork to battery conversion. While in for the conversion I also gave to clock a makeover, taking it from a dark depressing wood stain to a colour co-ordinated blue satin. As with most other clocks I have retained the original hands, dial, glass and bezel. I managed to repair then sell the Smiths 8 day floating movement from this clock was on eBay to a clock restorer. Another upcycled clock that sold quickly on ETSY

Rear view after conversion to a UTS Battery operated clock movement

Buy your own Quartz Clock Movement Kits

If you want to try it yourself – please pop over to our Quartz Clock Conversion Kits with a range of AA Battery Clock Movement Kits – everything thing you need to either build or convert a clock.

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