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Vintage Car Clocks – Jaguar E-Type

This was the first opportunity I have had to work on the dashboard clock from one of my favourite classic cars of all time – the Jaguar E-Type. This clock was removed from a garage owner’s personal car and hadn’t worked for many years. His brief was to have the clock converted to a Quartz movement but maintain it’s external appearance as far as possible. The first set of images below show the clock midway through the conversion. These units are very well made and quite hard to disassemble.

Out with Clockwork – In with Quartz

Once the unit has been disassembled the next tricky part is removing the hands without damaging the clocks lovely Smiths Dial. The aim here is to have the dial and hands removed and cleaned – ready for the introduction of the new LR1 powered Quartz mechanism. Once the movement has been fitted to the dial and the hands re-worked to fit the new movements spindle – it’s time to fit the movement in the case. The backplate of the casing has to be removed with a small angle-grinder so the new movement can be pressure fitted inside.

NOTE – the clock was altered further to keep it looking authentic. The screw at the 2 o’clock position was replaced with the correct, smaller screw. A black cap was added to the centre of the hands to complete the original look of the clock.

Back where it belongs

The securing bolts that keep the clock in the dashboard were removed along with the back of the casing. This gives us a small problem of how to refit the clock in the Jaguar. The easiest way to resolve this is to wrap a few layers of insulation tape around the front of the case – press-fit the clock in to the dashboard hole … add another couple of layers and press-fit again. After a few layers the clock will press-fit in to the hold nice and firmly. For future time change and battery replacement the clock can simply be twisted out from the front.

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