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Grandfather (Longcase) Clock Conversions

A beautiful Grandfather Clock converted to battery with TWO high torque movements

This is something I have been asked about many times over the last couple of years. I have historically avoided converting Longcase (Grandfather) clocks to Quartz as I couldn’t live with the secondary SECONDS hand just being redundant. Well – with a little bit of head scratching and a 3D printer I can proudly offer this service. The cost for converting a Grandfather Clock to Quartz is £95 – £155 depending or specific tasks. All the photos and videos on this page are commissions I have undertaken recently. If you’d like to discuss this conversion service – please contact Tristan today – either by email or WhatsApp (if your on your mobile and you can see the logo)

Recent Examples of Converted Longcase Dials

The two clock dials below are some recent examples of longcase clocks POST conversion. If you are interested in having a clock converted it is easier if you can send me JUST the dial and hands. If you need to send the MOVEMENT too – that’s fine – it will just cost you more in postage. I normally recycle the movements or give them to a local clock repairer for spares. If you want it back – that’s fine – I will send it separately to avoid damaging the converted grandfather clock dial.

How’s it done

The secrets to this tricky clock conversion are a) my 3D printer and b) the use of TWO high torque movements. One is used to power the hours and minutes, the other to power the seconds hand. No two clocks are the same which is why I have to recruit the 3D printer to make brackets, frames and spacers for the movement.

Grandfather Clock Converted to Battery

Here’s a video of a few recent conversions. Having the seconds hand tick really keeps the clock alive. You may notice the “fake” winders in each clock. Also – and very importantly, each clock has ALL it’s ORIGINAL HANDS. I have re-worked them to fit the modern high torque movements. This is all part of the attention to detail that makes this work both rewarding for me and satisfying for the customer.

Trust Tristan to Convert your Grandfather Clock

The photos and videos of some of my recent Grandfather clock conversions will hopefully give confidence in my workmanship. My primary aim is to return your clock dial to you looking as it has for the last 100 years – the only difference is – it is now powered by modern, accurate QUARTZ movements. The clock doesn’t lose any of it’s character – visitors to your home won’t notice. But you’ll know – no more winding up, expensive repair bills or inaccurate time-keeping

Dual High Torque Quartz Movements

This is the tricky part – getting TWO movements to sit on top of each other when, in theory, they don’t fit. That’s where my 3D printer comes in handy.

More Longcase Clocks Resurrected

A few more photos of some recent clocks converted to quartz. Each clock is different and will require different re-tooling and re-working to accommodate the modern mechanisms. In each of the clocks shown below the original hands have been re-used. I do NOT replace them with cheap Chinese “lookalikes”. For me – keeping the original hands is ESSENTIAL, whether they’re ornate brass or plain black steel.

My Favourite Conversion to Date

The clock featured in the video below is my favourite to date. I absolutely LOVED these brass hands. It would be a disaster to replace those with cheap steel hands. Keeping your clock looking EXACTLY the same is my No1 priority.

Get in touch

If you’d like me to consider your longcase clock for conversion – please use the CONTACT form here or the WhatsApp button. Send me a couple of photos and I’ll get straight back to you with a quote. Look forward to hearing from you.

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