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Example of the Clock Conversion Process

To give potential customers an idea of how I work at CLOCKSUPCYCLED I thought it would be handy to give an example of correspondences from START to FINISH. So here it is – a real-life example of a commission to convert a vintage mantel clock to QUARTZ movement with Wesminster Chimes.

Initial Contact from Customer

“Hello Tristan – please can you tell me how much it would cost to convert this clock. I have removed the movement and the hands etc. I’d like a quartz movement with Westminster Chimes if possible – pendulum tick would be nice but not essential.”

One Week Later – the clock is FINISHED

The following photos were sent to the customer along with an email with VIDEO LINKS – below.

Video as sent to Customer at end of Conversion

Here’s a short video of the finished conversion. Before the clock is sent back to the customer an email – shown below – is provided giving full details of the conversion work undertaken.

Email to Customer when Conversion Finished

Dear Customer – Your clock is finished. I’ve also given it a careful clean and polish (tried to remove some paint splash dots from the top of the case). Here is a short video showing the conversion with “faux” winders and Westminster Chime >

The dial was thicker than I anticipated so I had to use a combination CHIME and PENDULUM movement. This means it has a very subtle “tick tock” sound. I like it – I find it quite re-assuring in the background. You can just hear it here >

If you don’t like it – simply LOCK the pendulum clip on to the post. It’ll make sense when you see it. There is a VOLUME dial on the movement – turn this to increase or decrease the CHIMES.

I have set the clock to SILENT MODE from 11pm to 7am. If you want 24 hour chiming please let me know and I will switch it over. I will send the clock to you WORKING with the pendulum secured by an elastic band or similar – simply undo that if you want the quiet “tick tock”. The VOLUME will be turn right down to please turn it CLOCKWISE. 

  • RED on the diagram is VOLUME
  • GREEN is Change the TIME
  • YELLOW is where the switches are for AM / PM night mode and either Westminster Chimes (set) or Whittingdon chime (you have to REMOVE the speaker – carefully twist it  – to get to these switches)
Rear View of the Seiko Quartz Clock movement with VOLUME, TIME SET and CHIME SET switches and dials..

That’s all for now – please let me know if you have any questions.

If you are happy – please make payment to: DETAILS PROVIDED

Please confirm when payment is made and I plan to return your clock on Monday after a weekend on TEST

Many thanks for letting me work on your clock – I hope it gives many years pleasure and accurate time keeping

PS – it IS OK to change the time by the hands on the front – just do it slowly – taking about 3 second to move ONE HOUR. When the clock goes FORWARD in March – fine, just turn it on ONE HOUR. When the clock goes BACK in Autumn – turn it back ONE HOUR but expect the chimes to take an hour to RESET correctly. Don’t panic if they go our of synch.

Conversion Service – DIY – Online Store

Have you got a CLOCK that you’d like converted to battery – if so – please get in touch with Tristan at I’d love to be able to help. Fancy trying it yourself? – we have some good clock building kits available at Amazon – quartz movements and hands. If you are looking to BUY a Mantel Clock that has already been converted – please pop over to my online store. 🕰️🔋♻️😎

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