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Clock conversion service – clockwork to quartz (AA battery)

Have you got an old favourite clock that has either stopped working or maybe you keep forgetting to wind it up? Or maybe you’ve got a clockwork clock that just TICKS too LOUD. Whatever your problem I can help by converting your clockwork clock to a modern, quiet quartz movement powered by a single AA battery. This service is available now on Etsy. The standard charge is £35 with a £6.50 return postage fee. Let me convert your clock to a modern AA battery movement and be my next happy customer.

Let me convert your favourite old clock from CLOCKWORK to Quartz battery movement
Rear view of the Smiths clock converted to a modern quartz battery movement

No more winding – quartz battery powered accuracy

I am a HUGE fan of clockwork clocks. That’s why I am a student at the British Horological Institute. Whenever possible I like to see old clockwork movements maintained and restored. However, that’s not always possible. Some people simply don’t like the sound of a ticking clock, some people want 100% accuracy (hard to get in clockwork movement). That’s why I offer this service. Rather than throw an old clock away send it to me for a conversion to AA battery power. I’ll send you the old clockwork movement back, or recycle it and break it down for spares. The modern quartz movements are quiet, accurate and only need a battery change every couple of years.

More example of Clocks converted to Battery power

Smiths 8 Day Mantel Clock

This Smiths 8 Day Mantel Clock was converted to a quartz movement and, at the same time, given a clock makeover. The original hands, dial, glass and bezel were all retained. The second hand is a modern replacement. This Smiths Mantel clock now runs from a single AA battery – giving accurate and quiet time throughout the day and night.

Westclox small Office Clock

Just like the Smiths Mantel clock above, this Westclox office / mantel clock underwent a clockwork to battery conversion. While in for the conversion I also gave to clock a makeover, taking it from a dark depressing wood stain to a colour co-ordinated blue satin. As with most other clocks I have retained the original hands, dial, glass and bezel. I managed to repair then sell the Smiths 8 day floating movement from this clock was on eBay to a clock restorer.