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Bakelite Mains Powered Clocks converted to Quartz

Here’s a couple of recent examples of our mains powered to quartz clock conversions. These two lovely Bakelite mantel clocks both suffered from broken 240v mains powered asynchronous mechanisms. The customer wanted each clock to be converted to Quartz – while – at the same time maintaining their originality and charm.

Bakelite Clocks BEFORE Conversion

The photos below were sent to me from the customer at the start of our chat. The cost for converting these TWO clocks was £155 including RETURN delivery back to the customer. After conversion – these clocks will give hassle free, quiet, time keeping for many years to come.

Clocks AFTER Conversion to Quartz

This is how these two mid-sized Bakelite clocks looked after converting them to battery power. I have, as always, done all I can to preserve the authenticity of the clocks – down to FAKE controls on the rear and the use of the original hands (following re-work to fit new movement)

Clocks Back Home

And this is what we like best – a couple of photos from the customer showing the two Bakelite Clocks back at home – on their very period porcelain fireplace surround they look like they did 60 years ago 🕰️♻️😎

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