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1948 Rover 75 Clock Repaired – Converted to Quartz

This was my first chance to convert the dashboard clock from a cherished vintage vehicle, the Rover 75 from 1948. Extracted from the beloved classic car by the owner, the clock had been dormant for many years. The task at hand was to upgrade it to a Quartz movement while preserving its original exterior. The initial images depict the clock in the midst of the conversion process. These Rover 75 clocks are intricately crafted and prove quite challenging to dismantle.

3D Printing – Two Black Dial / Bezel Spacers

The problem with many of these vintage car clock conversions is the closeness between the hands and the glass. There was NO WAY the new movement with hands installed was going to fit behind the 3mm gap between dial and glass. To get around this we 3D printed 2 x black “spacers” – these were also conveniently useful for sandwiching the dial between. The front spacer added 4mm – just enough space for the original hands to rotate without snagging on the glass.

Video – 1948 Rover 75 Clock after Conversion to Battery

Here’s a video showcasing this 1948 Rover 75 Vintage Car Clock, sent to us for a modern upgrade to a UTS Quartz movement powered by an LR1 battery. Throughout the conversion process, we’ve maintained the clock’s original charm and authenticity, making only minor adjustments to the hands. To securely install the dial and movement, we utilised 3D-printed black spacer rings. For easy maintenance, the customer can simply twist the outer bezel to remove the movement from the case. With a battery life of 2 to 3 years, the clock only requires occasional opening for battery replacement or time adjustment. If you have a similar Vintage Car Clock in need of repair or conversion to quartz, don’t hesitate to contact Tristan at

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